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Tree Information

General Tree Information

Trees are a valuable resource to the City of Tampa – they clean the air, absorb stormwater, reduce temperatures, and improve your property value – because of this, they are protected by local laws under section 27-284 of the city code. Before doing any work on or around trees please use the below links to ensure you are in compliance with local regulations.

Why do we protect trees?

Trees are a vital part of the ecosystem and provide needed shade and other environmental benefits, such as cleaning the air, conserving soil and water, moderating temperatures, and bringing nature into our daily lives. The City of Tampa's regulations are designed to protect and enhance the trees that make up the Urban Forest.

Did you know?

That since 1981, Tampa has been nationally designated a Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation. A Tree City USA designation recognizes the work of elected officials, staff and citizens who plant and care for the community forest. The National Arbor Day Foundation, in cooperation with the U. S. Forest Service and the National Association of State Foresters, recognizes towns and cities across America that effectively manage their public tree resources and encourage the implementation of community tree management based on four Tree City USA standards. To qualify for this honor, a city must have a tree ordinance in place, hold an Arbor Day event, and have a comprehensive urban forestry program.

Tree City USA is greening communities across the country. This program is a great opportunity to celebrate the importance of an urban tree canopy and improve care of these vital city trees.