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Water Department Fast Facts

Our Customers

  • Single Family Residential Accounts = ~123,000 
  • Multi-Family Residential Accounts = ~2,200  
  • Non-Residential Accounts = ~16,200 
  • Service Population = ~717,000 

Our Production Process

  • The David L. Tippin Water Treatment Facility has the capacity to produce up to 120 million gallons of drinking water daily.
  • Average daily drinking water production is 81 million gallons a day.
  • About 20 percent of daily demand is used for irrigation, about 35% goes to household use, about 35% is used commercially and the balance is used for health and safety purposes (fire suppression).
  • When "excess" water is available, up to 1.2 billion gallons is stored in our Aquifer Storage and Recovery System for later use.
  • About 9,000 samples are analyzed annually during the production process to ensure the delivery of water that meets or exceeds federal and state standards.
  • At the end of the treatment process, organic by-products removed from our raw water are dewatered and returned for processing to maximize our available water sources.
  • Our Residuals Processing Facility recycles dry organic by-products for other beneficial uses.

Our Service Area

  • We deliver high-quality drinking water across an approximate 220-square-mile area that includes some portions of unincorporated Hillsborough County.
  • Our distribution system has more than 2,160 miles of water mains that range in size from 2 to 48 inches in diameter and just under 50,000 valves.
  • We service and maintain more than 14,200 fire hydrants annually.

Our Water Source

  • Tampa's primary water source is the Hillsborough River.
  • When the river cannot meet demand during extended or extreme dry periods, Tampa buys treated regional groundwater, surface water and desalinated seawater from Tampa Bay Water.