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Chlorine Disinfection

Temporary Change in Drinking Water Treatment

Tampa’s drinking water is treated to produce high-quality drinking water that meets all federal and state drinking water regulations.

The Water Department primarily uses chloramine (ammonia added to chlorine) to disinfect the water. However, we switch to chlorine disinfection several times a year, usually in the winter and summer. Chlorine is a strong disinfectant that kills bacteria, helping ensure that the water remains safe to drink as it travels through the water mains and service lines to your tap. This temporary change in disinfection method lasts for three weeks at a time.

We work closely with the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) to ensure that we comply with EPA guidelines for using chlorine and chloramine to disinfect Tampa’s drinking water.

The next routine change in our water treatment process is scheduled for May 6-27, 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your drinking water is safe to drink. You will not need to boil the water.

Learn why your water is safe to drink.

People who are sensitive to chlorine might notice a stronger chlorine taste or smell when we switch from chloramine to chlorine disinfection. Others will not notice the difference. The chlorine level in the water meets Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safety standards and does not pose a health risk.

  • Run the tap for a few minutes before using.
  • Fill a pitcher of water and let it sit for several hours to allow any residual chlorine to evaporate.
  • Consider installing a carbon filter on kitchen/bathroom faucets or shower heads or replacing existing filters with new ones.

Yes. The Water Department continuously monitors chlorine levels throughout our service area to test for chlorine levels.

Health officials advise that kidney dialysis patients should not be impacted by this chlorine treatment but anyone with special health concerns is encouraged to contact their health care provider with questions about their health care.

Aquarium owners should already have a water treatment system in place that will remove chloramine and chlorine from the water used in fish tanks and ponds. Contact your local pet store for additional guidance.

For more information, please contact the Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811, Option 4.