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Water Use Restrictions Enforcement Program

The City of Tampa's enforces water use restrictions year-round, 24 hours-a-day, daily.  Citations are issued on first observance of a violation.

If You Have Questions about a Citation or Payment Options

If you believe that you were cited for one of the permitted water use allowances defined in the applicable water use restrictions, call (813) 349-5014 or e-mail the Water Patrol within thirty (30) calendar days after receiving the citation. Tampa's Water Enforcement Office is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm to answer questions and to provide general guidance about the ordinance and responding to citations. Due to high call volume, please allow up to 24-hours for a representative to return your call.

Restriction and Enforcement Jurisdiction

  • Tampa's Water Use Restrictions apply to all Tampa Water Department customers using City water or well water for irrigation and other outside uses. City of Tampa water utility customers outside the city limits are within Hillsborough County's jurisdiction and are encouraged to refer to the County for restriction and enforcement information.
  • A recorded summary of the current Water Use Restrictions is available 24 hours-a day, 7 days-a-week by calling the Water Conservation Hotline at (813) 274-8032.
  • To report a Water Use Violation inside Tampa's city limits call the Water Use Violation Hotline at (813) 274-8036 or report a violation online.

Schedule of Penalties

Violating Tampa's Water Use Restrictions may result in fines ranging from $100 up to $500. The fine assessment per violation observed inside Tampa's city limits is as follows:  

  • 1st Citation: $100
  • 2nd Citation:  $200
  • 3rd and Subsequent Citations: Mandatory court appearance plus a fine of up to $500, as assessed by the court.

Early Pay Option

Recipients of City of Tampa Water Conservation citations can use our early pay option to avoid additional fees that are incurred when citations are filed with the Hillsborough County Clerk of Court. Early payment may be made by mail or online. The early pay option is available for 45-days after the date on the citation.  Information is included in the citation packet.

If the early pay option is not exercise, your case will be placed on the docket for a hearing with Hillsborough County Circuit Court. Failure to appear in court results in a default judgment of guilty when the case is called in court and an assessment of fines and fees, as determined by the judge. Failure to settle any fines assessed by the Court may result in increased penalties up to and including property liens.

Information about completing payment when the early pay option has expired and your citation has been filed is included on the reverse side of your citation. If payment is being made after your citation has been filed with the County, it must be completed prior to your court date.