Request a Temporary Portable Meter

The City of Tampa makes portable meters available for temporary water service from a fire hydrant for construction or a similar temporary use.

How to Request a Temporary Portable Water Meter  

To get a temporary portable water meter, you must:

  • Submit a completed application.
    • Recommended Application Method: Send your application via email to
    • Alternate Application Method: Mail your application to City of Tampa, Development Services, 1400 N Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33607. Once approved, you will be provided with an account number which will enable you to pay the required deposit and service fees online. A service order to set the meter will be scheduled after payment has been credited to your account.
  • Pay all required deposit and installation fees to begin service. Payments can be submitted online or by mailing a check or money order along with your application to the following address: City of Tampa, Central Cashiering at 306 E Jackson St, 7th Floor, Tampa, FL 33602.

Portable Meter Service Fees & Billing Questions 

Customers requesting a portable meter must submit a completed application and pay an upfront $700 deposit as well as a $60 installation fee for each portable meter. 

 The initial term of service is six (6) months, with extensions of three (3) months. Extensions must be requested in writing before the expiration of the current term. 

All questions regarding the bill including charges, account maintenance, rates, deposit on file, fees, etc. should be directed to

Fees & Charges

Potable Meter Service Fees (per meter) Consumption Charges (includes Utility Tax)
Deposit: $700 Per One Hundred Cubic Feet (CCF): $1.20
Installation: $60 Minimum Monthly Charge (less than 10 CCF): $10
Relocation: $60
Meter rental, per day: $2/day (tax included)

Paying for Water Service 

A water customer account will be activated after your portable meter application has been approved. Payments can be made online using your customer and invoice numbers. 

Installation & Operation Guidelines for Portable Water Meters  


Only Water Department personnel are authorized to install, move, or remove portable meters from city fire hydrants. No private meters may be installed on city hydrants. It is against the law for anyone other than authorized personnel to use unmetered water from a city fire hydrant. 


  • The customer of record is liable for any damages to or theft of Water Department property and equipment, and, as such, agrees to pay all charges in connection with repairing or replacing Water Department property or equipment. 
  • The City is not responsible for accident or injury caused by unauthorized placement of a portable meter or other appurtenances. 

Requests for installing, moving or removing a portable meter 

  • All requests for installations, moves and removals of portable meters must be e-mailed to  
  • Installation, move and removal requests are scheduled within two (2) business days.  
  • When removal of a portable meter is requested, the customer will receive a confirmation number. Charges for water consumption and meter rental remain in effect until the written request for removal is received and a confirmation number is issued. 

Permitted Uses of a Portable Water Meter  

  • Portable water meters may only be used to obtain water service from city hydrants.  

Violations to the Portable Water Meter Policy

A portable meter may be removed without notice when: 

  • The meter is used, for any reason, as a permanent meter to avoid payment of fees for permanent service. 
  • No water consumption is registered for a period of three (3) consecutive months.   
  • Portable meter services fees and water consumption fees are not paid. 

Additional examples of portable water meter violations include: 

  • Installing a portable water meter on a truck.  
  • Installing a private water meter on a city hydrant.