Contribution In Aid Of Construction

Development activity in the Downtown/South Tampa Area and Northeast/New Tampa Area creates additional water demands that require improvements to water transmission, pumping, and storage infrastructure to provide adequate pressure to those areas. These areas have been designated Contribution In Aid of Construction (CIAC) areas to facilitate water delivery system improvements to serve growth in these areas.

CIAC Policy

Contribution in Aid of Construction (CIAC) Fees

Downtown and South Tampa
Northeast Area
Northeast Subarea 2

*ERU = Equivalent Residential Unit (300 gallons per day)

CIAC Definitions

Downtown and South Tampa Area - The Downtown and South Tampa Area is bounded on the north by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. (street centerline) and 1-275 (street centerline); on the east by 15th St. (street centerline), the west Ybor Channel shoreline, and the west Sparkman Channel shoreline; on the south by MacDill Air Force Base and the northern Hillsborough Bay shoreline; and on the west by Dale Mabry Highway (street centerline), and the eastern Old Tampa Bay shoreline (see Exhibit B13-1).

  • Northeast Area - Generally known as "New Tampa" service area as defined in Exhibit B14-1
  • Northeast Sub area 2 - Generally known as "Grand Hampton" development as defined in Exhibit B14-1.

Exhibits B13-2 and B14-2 define specific customer classes and the corresponding gpd water connection flow factors.