Save water & money when you make water-wise choices

The Tampa Water Department is committed to protecting and conserving our drinking water sources. Water conservation restrictions and enforcement procedures are in place to ensure our community complies with local and regional conservation regulations.

Every resident and business in Tampa can play a role in safeguarding our precious water resources, ensuring its availability for generations to come. To assist our customers with their water conservation efforts, we’re participating in Tampa Bay Water Wise, a regional program that offers a variety of rebates for both residential and commercial properties.

Current Rebates

The following rebates are available for qualified customers to help offset some of the costs of installing water-efficient appliances and fixtures.

Residential Rebates Non-Residential Rebates
WaterSense-certified, high-efficiency toilet retrofit Multi-family high-efficiency toilet retrofit
Smart irrigation controller Cooling tower
Florida Water Star Commercial dishwasher
Non-residential pre-rinse spray valve
Non-residential tank-type toilet
Non-residential half-gallon urinal
Non-residential flush valve toilet