Water Use Efficiency Survey

Water efficiency is like money in the bank. Efficiencies save time, money and resources. As an added bonus, water efficiencies are an investment in property values, public image, and the community. In Tampa, many businesses can reduce water demand by as much as 20 percent, and reduced water demand often can translate to cost reductions in wastewater treatment, water heating, softening and other on-site treatment. In the end, we all benefit.Air conditioner

The Tampa Water Department will partner with its non-residential customers, at no cost, to complete a desk-level water use efficiency survey to help facility managers identify areas where water efficiencies may be possible.

A Desk-Level Water Use Efficiency Survey includes:

  • A water consumption and wastewater treatment history
  • An inventory of all water-using equipment and fixtures
  • A summary look at how water use is allocated at the facility
  • Suggested areas where water efficiencies may be implemented or enhanced

In addition to the partnership evaluation process to complete the desk-level survey, commercial customers also may elect to use our Water Use Checklist, complete a comprehensive self-evaluation using the Water Efficiency and Self-Conducted Water Audits at Commercial and Institutional Facilities Guidedeveloped by the South Florida Water Management District to help managers understand their building's water use and develop a plan of action to increase efficiency without sacrificing performance, or use WaterSense at Work materials. 

Tampa's business locations account for almost 40 percent of the Tampa Water Department's total annual water sales, using water in the following ways:

  • A raw material
  • A coolant
  • A solvent
  • An energy source
  • A pressure source
  • Sanitation

Request a free ICI Water Use Efficiency Survey for your facility or contact the Tampa Water Department at 274-8121, option #5.  Find self-help information provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense program for office buildings, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, educational facilities and industrial sites online.