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Save Water Save Cash

Tampa has a tiered rate billing system to encourage water conservation.

As your water use increases, if your monthly demand moves you to the next billing tier, all the water within that tier range is billed at tier pricing. Depending on where your water use reductions are made and how you are billed for wastewater services, your water efficiency savings may carry over to additional savings for wastewater services and energy.

Compare your past 6 month’s  average water usage with other Tampa water customers in your billing classification.  You will find the information you need for the comparison on your City of Tampa utility bill or you may locate your billing information online.  Do not include reclaimed water when calculating potable water usage.  Customer classification is shown at the left of your bill immediately below your account number and is based on how the location is used and on calculated peak flow values.If your numbers exceed those shown, download and complete a Water Efficiency Questionnaire, contact our Efficiency Team. Call (813) 274-8121, option #5, or email savewater@tampagov.net for suggestions to help reduce your water use and increase your efficiency.  

For example: A one-inch rainfall event delivers approximately 7,000 gallons of rainwater to a 10,000 square-foot lot. That free rainfall is equal to $20 - $70 in potable water irrigation costs, depending on total monthly water usage.  A rain sensor affixed to your automatic irrigation system will do the work and the saving for you. 

Water Efficiency Evaluation for Single Family Residential   

Water Efficiency Evaluation for Multi-Family Residential 

Water Efficiency Evaluation for Hotels/Motels

Water Efficiency Evaluation for Offices 

Don't find a worksheet for your type of business.  Contact us via email for assistance at savewater@tampagov.net.