Tips to Avoid an Irrigation Citation

Tampa enforces water use restrictions year-round. Citations are written on first observance. Use these tips to help you stay in compliance. 

  • Water use restrictions may change seasonally in response to water supply conditions. Subscribe to receive electronic notice via Alert Tampa when changes occur. 
  • Ensure your irrigation timer is equipped with a working battery back-up for memory or a non-volatile memory.  Timers without one of these features will default to factory settings if you experience a power interruption. 
  • Visually check each zone in your irrigation system at least once a month to ensure all components are working properly.  Restriction allowances permit you to run each zone in your system for up to 10 minutes once a week for maintenance.  When you use the maintenance option, someone must be visible from the street at all times. 
  • Check your irrigation timer and reset it at least twice annually, if necessary, when Tampa moves to and from Eastern Standard Time. If your timer is equipped with a battery back-up for memory, refresh the batteries when resetting the clock. 
  • Some irrigation timers have more than one program to increase system flexibility.  Check your timer to ensure that only one program is on and that the program set to run is the correct program. 
  • Check your rain sensor to ensure that it is working properly. Don’t have one? Get one installed. They are required by state law and local code for any automatic irrigation system. We will send City of Tampa water customers a free sensor on request