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Schedule a Meeting

Meetings are held at the Constructions Services Department office, online via Go To Meetings or Microsoft Teams, and On-Site.

Pre-Application Consultation:

  • The objective is to provide guidance regarding the Permit and/or Occupancy Phasing of your project and answer general (non-technical) questions.
  • Client creates a Pre-Application record in Accela (account required), and uploads plans/documents to the record.  
  • The Development Services Coordinator will schedule the Pre-Application meeting with City Staff and Client.

Preliminary Plan Review (PPR):

  • The goal is to identify any design and/or code issues, answer technical questions, and provide guidance before final plans are submitted for permitting.  
  • The client creates a Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) record in Accela (account required), uploads plans (about 60% completed), a list of technical/design questions and pays the PPR fee. Fee Schedule
  • Once the PPR application is reviewed and accepted, staff schedules the PPR meeting fifteen (15) business days out to allow time for plan review.
  • At the PPR meeting, staff will discuss preliminary review comments and creates PPR meeting minutes to be uploaded to the PPR record.


  • The goal is to establish points of contact and provide an opportunity to communicate the requirements and expectations of permits and processes to complete the project.
  • The Development Services Coordinator will organize the meeting and invite the client/designated contact(s) and Inspectors.

*Note: For Phased projects, both the Site/Foundation and the Shell/Complete permits will need to be issued before this meeting is scheduled. 

Contact the Development Services Coordination: or (813) 274-3100, option 1 to set up a meeting.