Schedule a Meeting

Meetings are held at the Constructions Services Department office, On-Line via Go To Meetings or Microsoft Teams, and On-Site.


  • This is considered a project introduction meeting to go over general questions.
  • The client creates a Pre-Application record in Accela (account required), upload plans/documents to the record.
  • The Project Coordinator will review information submitted and coordinate meeting with City staff and client.

Preliminary Plan Review:

  • This is considered a preliminary plan review meeting.
  • The client creates a Preliminary Plan Review (PPR) record in Accela (account required), upload plans and design team questions to the record for review. A fee is paid for this service type.
  • Once the Record is created, documents are upload it and fee is paid. Staff will schedule the PPR meeting ten (10) business days out, to allow time for plan review.
  • PPR meeting notes are uploaded to Accela.


  • Meeting can be schedule once the complete permit is issued.
  • Note: For Phase projects, both the Site/Foundation and the Shell/Complete permits will need to be issued before scheduling this meeting.

Contact the LSP Coordinator at [email protected] or (813) 274-3193 to setup a meeting.

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