Field Rentals

Currently, we utilize 2 sports complexes (Dick Greco Softball Complex and New Tampa Community Park); 88 baseball/softball fields; 4 multi-purpose game fields, including one synthetic turf game field; 88 multi-purpose courts; 9 little league complexes, an outdoor roller hockey rink, and our new Sulphur Springs Youth Development Park.

Requirements for Field Rental

  • Complete a Facility Use Agreement
  • Provide a certificate of insurance that includes the requirements needed as issued by the City of Tampa Risk Management Department. Please see Insurance Requirements for more information.
  • Youth Sports organizations are required to adhere to Florida Statues for background checks and concussion education, plus verification of completion of mandatory volunteer training by all volunteers.

Applications must be submitted prior to the event. Submission and acceptance of this application does not automatically constitute approval of permit requests. A permit may be denied if any information provided in the application is deemed to be false or if an application does not comply with timeframes, deadlines, and requirements.

Field Rental Fees

Practice: $10/hour/field with a minimum of two hours
Tournament/Games: $50/day/field
Umpire/Field Attendant: $37.50/hour/attendant
Field Deposit: $125/facility/day* at the time of reservation, is non-refundable, and will be applied to the rental fees
*This fee only applies to tournament promoters.

Optional Fees

City onsite staff will determine if the fields are playable prior to game play. We will provide two bags of a drying agent per field.

The promoter will be responsible for the cost of any extra bags used beyond the two per field at a cost of $15 per bag.