Barks & Recreation

Dog Park Etiquette

  • Be mindful that during your visit to our parks, you and your pet may encounter wildlife. Therefore, we strongly suggest you maintain awareness of your surroundings at all times.
  • Dogs must remain leashed at all times when they are outside the designated dog park/leash-free area as per city ordinance.
  • Dogs are not permitted to be unleashed in the parking lot in route to or from the park.
  • Dogs are not permitted on city beaches unless it is a designated Dog Beach or service animal.
  • Dogs that bark persistently are a nuisance and will be removed from the premises.
  • All dogs and their owners must follow Dog Park and Leash-Free Area Rules & Regulations.

Dog Park Locations (Map)

Please note that all dog parks and beaches boundaries are marked by fencing; they are completely enclosed with a fence, or fenced and bounded with water.

Dog Park Listing (A to Z)

Angus Goss Dog Park

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

Davis Islands Dog Park

Deputy John Kotfila Jr. Memorial Dog Park

Giddens Park

Gadsden Park Dog Park

Gadsden Park

Henry and Ola Dog Park

Henry & Ola Park

Herman Massey Park

James Urbanski Dog Park @ Al Lopez Park

Julian B Lane Riverfront Park

Madison Street Dog Park

New Tampa Rotary Dog Park

Palma Ceia Park Dog Park

Palma Ceia Park

Picnic Island Dog Park

Picnic Island Dog Beach

Rowlett Park

Queenie's Dog Park @ Waterworks Park

Vila Brothers dog park

Vila Brothers Park

Washington Street Park

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