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Trees - Urban Forestry


Urban forests are the trees, plants, and associated ecosystems anywhere where people are - country roads, new developments, small towns, or large cities. While the goals of traditional forest management and urban forestry may be similar: to grow, harvest, and replant trees that are suitable for their location; the products from that management are quite different. The products from traditional forestry are wood, building materials, paper, and more, created from the trees grown in forests. The main products from urban forestry are trees that are the economic, environmental, and social benefits created by trees that are growing in and around people and their infrastructure.

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Tree Problem Phone Numbers

  • If there is a tree failure with an injury, utility line damage, or emergency call 911!
  • TECO must be notified when a tree or branch failure involves the utility lines. 877-588-1010

Tree or Branch Failures without Injury or Utility Line Damage

  • Note that we only handle fallen trees/debris on City streets and sidewalks, not on private property.
  • (M-F 8:00 am – 5:00pm) Fallen Tree – Parks and Recreation Tree Work Order Number 813-274-5744
  • Fallen Tree after hours (M-F 3:30 pm – Midnight) – P&R Security 813-931-2168
  • Fallen Tree Weekends (8:00 am – Midnight) – P&R Security 813-931-2168
  • Fallen Tree Midnight to 8:00 am (7 days a week) – Police non-Emergency Line 813-231-6130

Trees Planted in Tampa

The Tree-Mendous Tampa program utilizes Tree Trust funds to plant street trees requested by homeowners. The Planning and Design team utilizes Tree Trust funds and Capital Improvement funds for park plantings and street beautification projects. The Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful volunteer group uses donations and volunteers for planting projects and memorial tree plantings in parks. Includes Tree-Mendous tree program, Planning and Design projects and Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful projects.