City Cemeteries

Tampa has many types of cemeteries run by private entities, churches, and other groups. Our department maintains only eight cemeteries within the City of Tampa, with over 40,000 burials. Today, the City does not have any spaces for sale. Spaces have been sold and deeded to individuals. If you have need of a space, we suggest contacting privately owned cemeteries or a funeral home which may be able to provide some suggestions on cemeteries that have spaces for sale.

Cemetery Clean-Ups

The general care of the cemetery is the responsibility of the Parks and Recreation Department. It includes the removal of old, dead, or discolored real or artificial flowers and plant material placed on or around grave spaces. We reserve the right to determine what is considered old, dead, and discolored real or artificial flowers or plant material and will regularly remove as necessary.

We also reserve the right to remove arrangements or other decorations that do not comply with City Ordinance or Cemetery Rules and Regulations, these include but are not limited to items made of glass, ceramic, or clay.

In an effort to protect and preserve the beauty of our cemeteries, the City has planned AmeriCorps Green Team clean ups taking place bi-weekly on Tuesday mornings. The team rotates throughout City owned cemeteries as there is a need.

Also, in partnership with Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful and The Cemetery Society, clean ups are scheduled at various cemetery locations throughout the year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact The Cemetery Society.