Teens Leading Change Logo

This exciting program provides teens aged 13-17 with the skills and positive motivation needed to impact their lives and to allow them the opportunities to become successful contributors in their respective communities.

Weekly meetings, group discussions, sports and recreational activities, creative/fine arts activities, educational endeavors and special projects, facilitated by well-informed staff members, promises to foster meaningful opportunities for growth in time management, team building, self-worth, finances and communication. A current Rec Card is required.

TLC Locations

Benito Activity Center
10065 Cross Creek Blvd, 33647

Copeland Park Center
11001 N 15th St, 33612


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Complex
2200 N Oregon Ave, 33607


Forest Hills Center
724 W 109th Ave, 33612

Grant Park Activity Center
3724 N 54th Ave, 33619


Gwendolyn Miller Center
6410 N 32nd St, 33610

Highland Pines Center
4505 E 21st Ave, 33605


Jackson Heights Center
3310 E Lake Ave, 33610

Kate Jackson Center
821 S Rome Ave, 33606


Loretta Ingraham Complex
1615 N Hubert Ave, 33607

Oak Park Center
5300 E 14th Ave, 33619


Port Tampa Center
4702 W McCoy St, 33616

Rowlett Activity Center "The RAC"
2313 Yukon St, 33604


Springhill Center
201 E Eskimo Ave, 33604