Intramural Sports

Young kids playing a soccer game
Intramural Sports

A variety of sports are available to all registered after-school participants.

We introduce kids to sports in small sessions through clinics. Sports clinics are available to all registered after-school participants who have an active Rec Card.

Participants’ age shall not exceed the age group during the course of the season, including the playoffs.

Players may play up one age group but can only play on one team.

We offer a variety of intramural sports, such as:

  • Basketball (Short Shooters)
  • Flag Football U8
  • Flag Football (U10, U12 & U14)
  • Girls Flag Football (U10, U12 & U14)
  • Hockey (U11 & U13)
  • Kickball (U12)
  • T-Ball (7U)
  • Cheerleading
    After-school participants learn the fundamentals of cheering as a form of teamwork. Activities range from chanting slogans to intense physical activity that is performed to encourage, motivate, entertain, and instill healthy competition.

Rec Cheer Showcase

  • Running
    After-school participants will also have the option to participate in our fall running program, which encourages physical fitness and aerobic activity. We often partner with community running events such as the JR. Gasparilla Distance classic.
Gasparilla Distance Classic