Headstone Requirements

Requesting a Headstone, Marker, or Monument

There are many unmarked graves in city owned cemeteries. If you are interested in having a marker or monument installed for an individual buried in one of our cemeteries, we encourage you to review our rules and regulations regarding marker/monument requirements. The city does not provide monument services. An individual interested in having one installed will need to utilize an approved monument company. Monument companies must be approved by the City to conduct services in city cemeteries. A list of approved monument companies may be requested from the Cemetery office.

City fees related to a monument installation includes a staking fee and a monument fee. Monument fees vary depending on flat markers or upright monuments. If you choose an upright monument, the monument company will be required to submit a diagram with dimensions to the Cemetery office for review, approval, and calculation of fees prior to beginning work on the monument.

Veteran Markers

For information on headstones or markers for Veterans, including the application, please visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website

Updated: 02/07/2024