Advisories and Notices

Alert Tampa

We want to communicate with all our patrons and notify you about any closures, registration periods, and exciting new programs we are offering. This is one of the many ways we use Alert Tampa, as well as emergency alerts regarding weather and other local emergencies you can choose to register for. Sign up on the City of Tampa Alert Tampa Page.

If you have an address outside of the City of Tampa; your address will need to be modified to a location within the City of Tampa to ensure you continue to receive alerts. If you would like to receive geographical information for a specific area within the City of Tampa we highly recommend that you update your profile. This address needs to be within the City of Tampa service area to receive emergency notifications. For example a specific pool, recreation center, or other location.

Beach Advisories

Current Swim Advisories

The Florida Healthy Beaches Program periodically checks the beach water quality for bacteria levels. In some instances, if the levels are high the beach may need to close until water levels are back to an acceptable level. Before visiting our beaches we recommend checking for any current advisories on the Florida Healthy Beaches website.

Dog Park and Beach Notices

Curtis Hixon Dog Park is closed from 2 to 4 pm every Tuesday and Friday for maintenance.

Queenie's Dog Park at Water Works Park is closed from 9 am to 1 pm every Tuesday for maintenance.

Check out the complete listing of our dog parks and beaches.

Fountain and Splash Pad Notices

There are no splash pad notices at this time.

Check out the complete listing of our splash pads.

Park, Playground, and Trail Notices

American Legion Park Playground is closed until further notice for a fallen tree hazard. 

Anderson Park playground (next to Kate Jackson Center) is closed to the public weekly Mon-Fri, 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

The east portion of the McKay Bay Greenway including the trail, fishing pier, and surrounding area is closed through Aug 2021 for a habitat restoration project headed by the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD). This is an active construction site and a no trespassing area. For questions regarding the project, please contact SWFWMD

Restroom 101 at Picnic Island Park is closed for maintenance and expected to reopen on 6/28.

The tennis courts and outdoor hockey rink at Rowlett Park are currently experiencing electrical issues. The lighting will be off until further notice.

Pier and Boat Ramp Notices

Current Ramp Closures

For a listing of other public boat ramps visit the Florida Public Boat Ramp Finder.

Pool Notices

No pool advisories at this time.

For information about individual pool openings during inclement weather, please contact the pools directly. Check out the complete listing of our pools.

Recreation Center Notices

No closures at this time.