Drinking Water Challenge

Take the 7-Day Drinking Water Challenge to see how much water you use

Many of us don't know how much water we really use everyday in our homes and businesses. Knowing your water consumption is a first step on the path to saving water and going "green." The average American uses about 100 gallons of water a day. Much of that is used for bathing, cleaning and irrigation.

How much do you use?

water glass

The Challenge

  • Multiply the number of people in your household by 100.
  • Multiply that result by 7. This gives you a target volume of household water for the challenge.

Example: A three person household would have a target of 2,100 gallons (3 people x 100 gallons x 7 days).

Start the challenge by recording your water meter reading before going to bed on a night of your choice (see How to Read Your Meter). End the challenge by rereading your meter just before bed one full week later.

Convert your meter readings to gallons

Subtract the ending meter reading from the starting meter reading to find your water use in cubic feet. Each cubic foot equals 7.48 gallons. Multiple the change in cubic feet recorded by your meter by 7.48 to calculate the number of gallons used.

Example: If starting reading was 007640 and ending reading was 007951, then water used in cubic feet is 311. This converts to 2,326 gallons (311 x 7.48).

How did you do?

Did your water use exceed the target? We may be able to help with free water conservation devices and programs to help reduce water use.