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Valve Renewal Project

Water Distribution System Valve Assessment, Repair & Replacement Project

The Water Distribution System Valve Assessment, Repair & Replacement Project will assess the condition of water valves in parts of West Tampa surrounding Raymond James Stadium. Any valves identified as inoperable or at the end of their life expectancy will be repaired or replaced as needed. Several new fire hydrants may also be installed for increased fire protection.

This work is part of the City’s PIPES (Progressive Infrastructure Plan to Ensure Sustainability) Program and represents our continued commitment toward improving Tampa’s infrastructure.

Project Location

This project will impact several areas near to the stadium including sections of Drew Park, MacFarlane Park, and Plaza Terrace.

Project Goal

When complete, these improvements will:

  • Help work crews to more easily isolate and control the flow of water to specific sections of the water distribution system if there’s a water main break or other significant leak.
  • Minimize the number of customers affected by water service interruptions.
  • Allow for faster repairs.


This project is slated to begin the first week of July 2020 and end by mid-December 2020.

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